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To be member of Emerging Nations, a collaboration in the issue!

› You may know some emerging countries

You have acquired a special know-how of emerging markets, its culture and its business practices. We offer you to share your knowledge of these markets with our readers and visitors on our website, by writting an article, or by bringing your testimony which will be display in our magazine,

› You have some projects in emerging countries

We offer you to further their implementation by participating in our business lunches, conferences and seminars. These meetings allow you to understand better the business environment of a certain country, its geopolitical stakes and its opportunities. In this occasion, you will meet some professionals who can help you to build your strategy and will provide you some useful contacts.

› If your customers are interested in our issue

we send them a free copy. We mention your company name on the cover page of our magazine, for example as "This copy is offered to you by "X" (followed by the name of your trademark)". Our goal is to provide better visibility to your partners.

› Some emerging countries are key markets for your company

We offer you to bring some key information and market studies on the segment which is of interest of your company. These will give you some reliable landmarks to your future actions.

As member of EMERGING NATIONS, you will have an access to all our magazines and a special space will be dedicated to your company.In this space, you will find some useful contacts with NGO, professionals and politicians who can help you in your business,.

All call for tenders from emerging countries will be send to you according to your business sector,

The General Assembly of EMERGING NATIONS of July 5th 2014 has fixed the amount of contribution to 150 € per year for member.

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